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February Updates

I am thinking about abandoning this blog.  Since I started using Day One, I have been journaling daily.  I paid for the app for the year so I can have it bound into a book at the end of the year.
I love everything about this app.  I had wanted something where I could write out my thoughts and feelings to process them and then be able to easily find them.  I find that writing the post, then putting in the really relevant points in bold at the top help me find the post if I want to look at it again.  I have been challenging myself to take one photo a day.  I want to really capture the day in one photo.  It's been a fun challenge.  Although some days it seems that the day is so full that I need more than one photo, but I make myself pick one (even though with the paid app, I can do as many as I want).  I like looking at the photo calendar and seeing one photo each day that kind of summarizes the day for me.  Since taking on these 30 day challenges starting in October, I have made jou…

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